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Oldify App - Make yourself OLD on iPhone and Android. Now with over 15 Million users. Thank YOU and KEEP AGING! Take a photo of your face (or upload a. Apply age effect to photos online and see your face as it would appear after 20 years from now at in20years u need to create a good software for windows also. In20years is using advanced face detection and morphing technology to predict what your face would look like in 20 or 30 years from now. Our magical engine.

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Face morph age progression from aged 1 to 36 Drinking Mirror reached no 15 overall in the app store and no. Our apps have been no. We have a responsibility and we need to tackle the issue, along with the NHS and parents - this has absolutely hit home today. July 31, at 1: We are proud to have mal spiele online ageing and lifestyle software for award winning campaigns and we are always open to new ideas and projects.

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How you look later depends a great deal on what you do today. I'm nearly 25 but still get ID'd everytime I try buy booze. Increased Life Expectancy Calculator: Want to revisit this thread By LYNSEY CLARKE December 27, at 9: Another interesting age progression tool that can help you figure out your virtual age, as well as your current age. Find out whether you are aging faster than you should be, and look for remedies. This is actually an iPhone app that allows you to age an image. Whether seeing oneself with the effects of different lifestyles, such as smoking, drinking or tanning or merely glimpsing years into the future can really convey a powerful visual message. Aging Healthy is here to provide you with advice and resources on the best ways to age with the best health possible. September 28, at 8: However, you can avoid needing a great deal of care if you are careful to take good care of yourself right now. And the software is proving extremely popular with our visitors, with the exhibit in frequent use. After few seconds, your photo as you may appear 20 years from now should appear. Browse Tips Facebook Gmail Google Chrome Firefox Twitter Ipad tips Windows 7. Upload your own picture and see how you are likely to change in the future. March 22, at 8: Face of the Future: Toyota Lexus Fumeface was created for the marketing department of Toyota and Lexus Fleet Services to encourage the use of cleaner vehicles. We worked with the team to tailor and brand the app to our specification, and they worked to extremely tight deadlines but delivered on time. Also select, if you are a drug addict or not as addicts tend to get more aged in small period of time.



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